THIS WEEK’s #1 PRIORITY: Protect Public Education!

Voucher bills SB1431 and HB2394 may come up for a vote this week. All it takes is two floor votes for this to be all over, so continue to contact legislators with your opposition, especially Senator Bob Worsley (and especially if you live in LD25) He’s at or 602-926-5760. Talking points: Thank him(!) for his continued support of public schools. Ask him to fund public schools, keep taxpayer money away from private/religious schools, etc. A big selling point for him is music/arts education, so make a connection between the slashing of our public arts ed $ and the siphoning of our funds towards private institutions. (See Iyer’s Urgent Alert #1 for others to contact on this, too.)

We’d like to hear back from you. After taking action, please go to our DP Facebook page and comment on the Protect Public Education post to let us know what kind of response you got.

AND be sure to check out The Iyer Report, for more important action needed this week.

* If you have not yet setup an account with AZ Request to Speak, email Mickey for help.