THIS WEEK’S #1 PRIORITY: Support the ACA and oppose the new ACHA.

Find out where your MoCs (members of Congress) stand on the new ACHA here. Find out how to contact them here.

Script: Hi! I’m from _ZIP_ and calling about two issues related to health care. First, I oppose repealing the ACA. For me, losing the ACA would mean (share a personal story: can’t afford premiums waiting for tax credit, want abortion coverage, want maternity leave without being married, lifetime caps would cause personal bankruptcy, etc.). Americans deserve the same plan Congress receives. Secondly, HR 1215 intends to strip patient rights and protect corporations from lawsuits for medical neglect, abuse, and malpractice. Patients rights need to come first. Please ask _MoC_ to oppose the ACHA bill and vote against HR 1215.

We’d like to hear back from you. After taking action, please go to our DP Facebook page and comment under the Oppose the new ACHA post to let us know how it went.

And be sure to check out Jen Hofmann’s Checklist for Americans of Conscience for more important actions.