Have You Joined Our New OPEN Facebook group yet?

DO IT – and Help Activate 158,000 friends in Phoenix

Whether or not you’re one of our  Closed Facebook members, please hit the Join Us button below to  join our NEW OPEN group!

Just click on this link: JOIN Desert Progressives Indivisible OPEN Facebook Group

Feel free to POST and add your friends! Recruit your family, coworkers to Join and Stand. They’ll feel better.


Why an OPEN page? We learned that when just 3.5% of people get activated, a movement becomes UNSTOPPABLE.  This has been true of about every movement in the last hundred years.

Think about it. 3.5% is just 158,000 people in Phoenix! Approximately 60,000 people showed up for the Red for Ed march. Thousands and thousands, though undoubtedly with overlapping sets of people, have Marched for Our Lives, Marched for Science, Marched for Women, …

Making our Facebook page public was one great idea of many we brainstormed during our May 2018 Members Meeting on how to activate more people, get them feeling better, show them how to turn their anger into productive, sparkling energy, i.e. progress.

Our new OPEN public page allows our friends to join in – as well as provide easy access to our events.