Arizona Action

From The Iyer Report: AZ Legislature Weekly Update 

Support public education by opposing AZ Senator Debbie Lesko’s (R-21) “empowerment scholarship” (voucher) expansion bill and other bills which would gut public education in Arizona. These are being fast tracked through the legislature, so it’s crucial to OPPOSE these bills NOW. To do so:

Sign on to the Arizona Legislature’s *Request to Speak program.


Contact your AZ House and Senate representatives.

Use RTS and/or contact your legislators to OPPOSE SB1174 which would require school desegregation funding to go through special override elections instead of getting rolled into local taxes and would result in a catastrophic $207 million loss to schools and it doesn’t save the state any money.

Use RTS and/or contact your legislators to OPPOSE SB1431 which would phase in Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) to all of Arizona over the next 4 years. ESAs redirect public school funds to private pockets with very little oversight or regulation. Last year $100,000+ in AZ taxpayer funds was misused under this program.

See the The Iyer Report: AZ Legislature Weekly Update for MORE crucial action needed right now as well.

* If you have not yet setup an account with Request to Speak, email Mickey ( for help.