Desert Progressives Newsletter – Week of 6/5/18

Weekly Call to Action
June 5, 2018

There is No Such Thing as Other People’s Children

What have we become? For a nation that says it stands for family values, we’re falling tragically short. As you’ve seen in the news, the current administration has directed immigration authorities to separate children from their parents crossing the border, even crossers seeking asylum, desperate to protect their children from violence in their home countries.

So our country is now in the business of tearing families apart. A Border Patrol official testified recently that 658 children were taken from their parents in just two weeks in early May. By now, possibly even more children have been traumatized by being ripped from their parents’ arms.

This must STOP – and STOP NOW!

Please call your U.S. representatives – as well as Senators Flake (602) 840-1891 and McCain (602) 952-2410 to demand a stop to this horrific policy.

And while you’re at it, consider a donation to Together Rising or groups you know who are advocating for these children. A tax-deductible donation to Together Rising will go directly to reunifying these children with their parents by funding attorneys as well as supporting the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. You can read more about both organizations here. 

Have You Joined Our New Facebook group yet?

DO IT – and Help Activate 158,000 friends in Phoenix

Whether or not you’re one of our Facebook members, please use the blue Facebook button below that says  Join Our New OPEN Group  to well, yes, join our new OPEN group!  We’ll be transitioning from the current closed group to the new open page over the next few weeks and ultimately hope to phase out the closed one you’ve BEEN using.

We’re doing this as a follow-up to our May meeting when we were inspired to learn that when just 3.5% of people get activated, a movement becomes UNSTOPPABLE. (That’s just 158,000 people in Phoenix!)

Making our Facebook page public was one idea we brainstormed on how to activate more people. A new OPEN public page will allow our friends who might also want to help elect progressive candidates to join in – as well as provide easy access to our events.  Use that blue button in the next block below right now, then post away and tag your friends!

~Judy, Mary-Jeanne, Michael, Joan and Beverly
Your Steering Team
Desert Progressives Indivisible
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Join Our New OPEN Group
As a non-partisan, issues-based group, our purpose is to creatively inform, connect and inspire people to work for human rights. These include afforda…

Take Action!

Urgent! We’re Fighting for the Soul of Arizona!

Act Now to Outlaw Dirty Money!

The campaign to get the Outlaw Dirty Money referendum on the November ballot needs your help!  As of May 23, more than 80,000 signatures had been received and verified, but we have a long way to go.  Getting on the ballot requires 226,000 signatures, and the campaign’s goal is 300,000 signatures, to provide a cushion for signatures that are invalidated for some reason.  Please, do these two things:

Spend even just one hour collecting signaturesfrom friends, neighbors or co-workers, by going to and clicking on the “Take a Petition” box in the upper right corner.  For more signature-gathering opportunities, go to to sign up to collect signatures at public libraries, farmers’ markets or other public events.

Have any petitions you may already have notarized and turned in to the campaign…even if it only has one signature.  There are hundreds of petitions outstanding, and the campaign wants to get all signed petitions back by June 15. so that they can assess how close we are to the goal. Questions?  Contact Mary-Jeanne Fincher.

How Will You Help Elect Progressive Candidates This November?

That brainstorming at our May meeting we mentioned at the top of this page yielded a whole boatload of ideas to help progressive candidates win. Here’s a list of some of them – take a look and consider how YOU will help elect candidates who will advocate for a just immigration system; quality public education; healthcare for all; women’s rights; integrity in government; and other progressive issues? We’ve already heard back from many of you about what you’re committed to doing. If you haven’t yet contacted us, please use the links below to tell us you’re interested in joining with others of us to do one or more of the following:

Voter Registration: 

  • Register voters: Contact Beverly Berg or Joan Mason for upcoming opportunities
  • Educate students about voting and register them to vote: Contact Brent Whiting with Tomorrow We Vote

Support Candidates & Issues: Contact us to participate in one or more of these activities

  • Canvass, call or text for candidates
  • Write postcards for candidates
  • Help recruit other volunteers
  • Make a commitment with a friend to do one or more of the above activities

Create Events to Support Candidates or Issues: Let us know which of these kinds of event you might be willing to organize or host

  • Organize events that encourage other progressives to vote
  • Host house parties for candidates
  • Host an event or house party featuring a speaker with a compelling personal story about how an issue has personally affected them.

Personal, Issue-based Storytelling: Let us know if you’d like to explore using personal stories in one of the following ways for a heart-centered approach to issues.

  • Develop or gather and share personal stories we can use in conversation on issues like immigration, guns, education and more.
  • Invite friends to a personal, issue-based storytelling event hosted by Desert Progressives or other groups

Social Media: Let us know you’re committed to using social media in one of these ways. 

  • Post educational info on progressive issues and actions on Facebook (on our new open Facebook page – AND your own and other pages) and other social media and tag like-minded or independent friends.
  • Research advertising opportunities we can generate or support

Outreach: Let us know you’re committed to reaching out to friends, neighbors and other volunteers in one of these or other ways. 

  • Invite friends to a Desert Progressives Indivisible meeting or event
  • Ask a like-minded friend to join you in canvassing, calling, texting or writing postcards
  • Provide information on where candidates stand on issues to friends and neighbors and encourage like-minded friends and neighbors to vote
  • Call to recruit volunteers

Eliminate Misinformation: Let us know if you’d like to meet with other Desert Progressives to research ways to support labeling misinformation in the media. 

Fundraising: Let us know if you’d like to work with others to raise funds to advertise and support progressive issues and candidates.

Prepare for the Election!

Who Are Your State Representatives and Senators?

Our state representatives determine funding for education and health services for children and adults, as well as laws around guns, lands and other critical issues. So, it’s important to know who your representatives are – and how they’ve been voting. Go here to find your State Legislative District (LD) as well as your Federal Congressional District (CD).

Then use this link to look up your representatives and this link to find your state senator.

Be Sure to Know & Share with Friends

2018 Election Dates

Find your polling place, request your early ballot, check your voter registration status at

  • Primary election: August 28, 2018
  • General election: November 6, 2018
  • Last day to register to vote in primary: July 30
  • Early ballots mailed: August 1
  • Early primary in-person voting begins: August 1
  • Registered Independents & non-PEVL voters can request a primary ballot from their County Recorder
  • Last day to register to vote in the General Election: October 9
  • General election ballots mailed: October 10
  • Early in-person voting begins: October 10

Ballots are Not Forwarded

Going Out of Town in August?Plan Ahead to Vote!

To get your ballot mailed to your temporary address, two months before the election, send a single sheet of paper to the Maricopa Board of Elections with the following information:

  • The election for which you need a ballot
  • Your name as it appears on your Voter Identification Card
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Arizona address
  • Your temporary address
  • Your signature
Independents can vote in AZ primary elections using a Democratic, Republican or Green Party ballot. If your Voter Identification Card has “Party: NONE” or “Party: OTH” you are an Independent.
If you are an Independent, also include:
  • You want to vote a Democratic Party ballot

Mail this request two months before the election to:
Maricopa Elections
510 S. 3rd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Join Events

Mark your calendars NOW! 

Desert Progressives Indivisible Meeting

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 @ 7 pm

Shadow Rock United Church of Christ
12861 N. 8th Avenue, Phoenix, 85029
On the agenda:
Music, Community, Fun and
Following up on May’s brainstorming and plugging in to ways we can help grow our movement – and elect our candidates.

RSVP here – and bring a friend!

Find A Progressive Event and Find Your People

This site is GOLD! It provides a huge list of events being held by  progressive groups all across the Valley & Arizona. Go here to find many events – every day – on all kinds of progressive issues. Bookmark it!

Resources for Taking Action

Continue to share this info with friends…

Quick Guides to AZ Education Funding

Our friends at Save Our Schools Arizona have produced these brief but important videos that illustrate how we got here – and why Gov. Ducey’s proposal is a ruse.
Click here to get the facts about Arizona’s Classroom Crisis (2.43 min)
AND click here to see Magic Money: Why Ducey’s “pay raise” doesn’t add up. 

Please share this information widely on social media as well as through email and conversations with friends to help everyone #RememberInNovember!
provides a complete list of all your elected officials.
provides a comprehensive calendar of progressive activities in the Valley.
Melinda Iyer’s AZ Weekly Legislative Update alerts you to urgent actions needed on current legislation in Arizona
Jen Hoffman’s Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience
Use this link to subscribe to this great weekly blog – or scroll down that page for a link to this week’s suggestions for the current week’s actions.
5 Calls
Calling is the most effective way to contact your senators and congress people. Use this site for an EASY way to pick issues most important to you and contact your DC senators and representatives with a simple message.

New OPEN Facebook Page! Activate Family, Friends…

Have You Joined Our New OPEN Facebook group yet?

DO IT – and Help Activate 158,000 friends in Phoenix

Whether or not you’re one of our  Closed Facebook members, please hit the Join Us button below to  join our NEW OPEN group!

Just click on this link: JOIN Desert Progressives Indivisible OPEN Facebook Group

Feel free to POST and add your friends! Recruit your family, coworkers to Join and Stand. They’ll feel better.


Why an OPEN page? We learned that when just 3.5% of people get activated, a movement becomes UNSTOPPABLE.  This has been true of about every movement in the last hundred years.

Think about it. 3.5% is just 158,000 people in Phoenix! Approximately 60,000 people showed up for the Red for Ed march. Thousands and thousands, though undoubtedly with overlapping sets of people, have Marched for Our Lives, Marched for Science, Marched for Women, …

Making our Facebook page public was one great idea of many we brainstormed during our May 2018 Members Meeting on how to activate more people, get them feeling better, show them how to turn their anger into productive, sparkling energy, i.e. progress.

Our new OPEN public page allows our friends to join in – as well as provide easy access to our events.