CONTACT: Judy Schwiebert
Organization: Desert Progressives
Phone: 602-769-5149
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Press Release: 20170224_desert_progressives_press_release.pdf

Phoenix, Arizona: After Representative David Schweikert ignored weeks of requests from his constituents’ for a Town Hall meeting, two grassroots Indivisible groups from Phoenix came together to invite him to their own joint Citizens’ Town Hall Friday night, February 24.

Still, Rep. Schweikert didn’t show up, but 223 of his constituents did. They were Republicans, Independents and Democrats. And since their congressman was still not available to them, they addressed their concerns to an empty chair.

The people of his Congressional District 6 shared moving stories and pleaded with him to listen and – asked him to please represent them.

Video and written copies of their concerns will be sent to Rep. Schweikert’s office with the uncertain hope that he will listen and respond. (See Addendum for concerns, stories and questions from some of the participants)

One organizer commented, “It’s really too bad Mr. Schweikert wasn’t here tonight. It was a powerful evening – and he missed the chance to listen to caring, smart people who are counting on him. He could have done so much just by listening.”

The Citizens’ Town Hall for Rep. David Schweikert was organized and hosted by two new Indivisible groups, both begun since January of this year: Desert Progressives (DP) and Arizona Indivisible CD6 (AICD6).

DP Co-founders Mickey Tucker and Judy Schwiebert opened the meeting by inviting people to join them in taking action on state and national issues. People can subscribe to their newsletter at and/or find them on Facebook.

AICD6 co-founder Chris Hanlon shared the story of their leadership in urging Rep. Schweikert to hold a Town Hall, and invited people to join their Facebook page as well. Sharon Kirsch moderated the event.

The Town Hall was held at Shadow Rock Congregational Church, 12861 N. 8th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. Staff member Abeth Spencer  welcomed the group with the church’s motto, “All are welcome here.”

For more information or future events, contact Judy Schwiebert at or at 602-769-5149.